Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roman holiday & before sunset

Always been fascinated by love stories I celebrated July's first week as my "Romantic movie Blast week”. I collected arnd 5-6 all time fav movies from all accessible Pc's (sharable n/w funda in Oracle)..
Roman holiday was one of it ...It is a serene love story of princess & news repoter .Free flow of story ‘ll never bore u. Acting direction edition is way perfect. Story scenes 'll take u to era of 60's ..
U wanna chill pill in life Don't wanna push hard ur brain to think what 'll happen what shud happen & Njoy light comedy ..Then Roman holiday is movie for U.
What to talk abt "Before sunset" Mind blowing dailogues, Mind refreshing dialogues & Mind Enchanting dialogues..
Each conversation 'll bring new excitement & unfold untold truth.
Both these stories got simple story with Emotional ending thats why loved them..One suggestion don't dare to watch "KANK" on basis of best actor actress & director (if u like KJ) its depressing & Faltu..

Friday, July 07, 2006

My cartoon..

hey planning to come up with cartoon series "jolly-jeo"
Sweet character to make u laugh .smiling face, flexible foot & green crown...
He can dance sing run & even code.he is too flexible.. he loves item numbers...

he is caring loving & full of energy..
If u r in happy mood he looks happy
in romantic mood he looks hearty
in sad mood he cheers u up...

1st : Amit was sad that day so jolly-jeo started playing with his helmet to make him laugh..

& got fine of 200 Rs.


He was wearing helmet without bike....

..promise more Pjs soon..