Sunday, August 12, 2007

ChakDe India ya just Chuck De Prejudice

There were many patriotic, esprit de corps imbibing movies in recent time. Chak De India is one of that kinds .Its a movie to watch not just by a sport freak or feminine people but its for all those who sick for venture & light comedy .It focuses on Passionate spirit of Indian women & need for its realization by others.

Tag line of movie is “Unity in diversity of spirit”. Movie raises a flag to nail down backward stereotype attitude of Indian society in terms of sport. It is Real boost to neglected woman sport . Movie starts with disappointing posture of current India & gears up to dreamed Indian spirit .
Acting done by all caste is fanta fabulous .Their sprightliness moves movie without single boring moment .Well dialogue delivery & Excellent energy ,both on field & behind studio which sticks you to seat .Specially my butta singh , ms.Komal total De tadak de dhudum girl. Her controlled act with eruption of energy in each scene makes you part of movie. She will use best nastiest language possible & still will roll you on ground with laughter. Her style her Jest her innocence too extra ordinary. She was what I believe all male dominating society girl has part of. She wants to break all boundaries set by male chauvinist society for girls. In that case our charming chick Ms. Sabarwal is also not behind. Forbid me to use such a words for you gal but you really rocked in attitude ,charm & personality ,In short complete "SportEXY" package. She really live unto her character & not to forget her master stroke to reject smartest Dumb in country.

Great punches by ms.Balbir our anger filled girl with athletic beauty & vamp on ground ms.Bindia .Both of them are shown bit aggressive & short tempered ,to add humor & twist in movie. How would any match can be won without defensive great wall of china ,ya ya you are right she is our Ms. Goal keeper .She has shown every sport person what’s sportsman ship is all about .Its not one government flat , stable job & kids later. In her case it’s not play to earn but play to play & earn to survive.
Thank you Sharukh for not over acting this time. His acting in this is hair standing. His character has inspired from Mr. Ranjan Negi’s real life & he has justified it very well.The known fact of sadism in Indian is discrimination .India broke into states for its own management not for other peoples management. This movie emphasis on language barrier , cast discrimination , our inter state conflicts & mainly prejudice against Muslim community how they are slowing our progress. Over all Mast movie to watch if not watched yet rush please. How can we just stop without seeing them so here they go..... ChakDe India...

After my movie on charmofMylife may be I was bit too bend towards women's influences & importance in my life & strongly appreciate effort s of Mr. director for proving their worth in all aspects of life .


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