Saturday, September 30, 2006


dandia/garba is always fun .I Enjoyed it in ghatkopar & now in hyderabad.Mumbai it was like dancing with all childhood buddies ,predecided steps to win garba competition & all colorful special dresses for 7 days.In hyderabad it is different.By god grace , i have always been in dance lover's company .I love to dance like freak,Careless ,no rule no regulation.Like In nagin dance gal is playing bin & guys are dancing like snake or you take gal is throwing note on guys for their dance.Funny right.fortunately all my friends comes in my category of dancing,i.e. Dance to go in ecstacy.
Yesterday (29th sept) is memorable in my life.We been to graba Rass utsav of navjari smmaj .According to our mumbai schedule we reached there at 10 but to our surprise there was no chahel pahel at all. "Nawabi Log Nawabi that" .People started coming around 11.Passes were for 400 bucks ,though i am dance maniac i was against paying it.It was too much for 4 hours .Time passed and after looking desent crowd (which is quite rare ) we bought tickets & sliped in.Band was from mumbai called challenger ,never heard their name but from mumbai was enough to sooth me.
First garba started & I started palying like pakka mumbai .Bhgwan da steps ,Kite fying action etc. My crew was following me.Our new member shiva was dancing with all vagour & masti.As usual mr. AMit was in his strange dancing mood all swirling & flexible moves and Aj , ashish & surbhi was in their attempt to excell.
Dandia started in 1 hour.Initailly we decided all routine, authentic steps .We follwed them for while but as soon as band started palying popular dance number(Dhinchak songs) , we threw our dandia & started dancing like crazy .Free flowing no restriction no care just & just Enjoyment.
Around 2.30 we moved out listening mataji song ,but it was not end immedite after that band palyed "kajarare " & we all started dancing on the way to go out.

Again we have decide to rock hyderabad on sunday,Wanna join ?

Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday I watched DOR.
Its a fabulous movie.It has serious saddy saddy outline but also has weight .Substance with light Comedy is what I can describe story as .
Shreyas Talpade's humourous acting will definately make you laugh ,Ayesha's innocent dialogues will pears in your heart as proof of male chauvinism & domination , Gul panag's small town boldness will stike you at once , Nagesh Kukunoor's nagative shadded acting & direction in proper direction will amazed you , Girish karnad's role will shake you from your seat.
If you ask where is item number & song , then I 'll say
"There is one go you 'll love it ,Its not vulgar its cute
& Song "yeh honsla kaise juhke
yeh aarjoo kaise ruke
manzil mushkil toh kya
dhundla saahil toh kya tanha yeh dil toh "
is enough to hold story line . "

lage raho munna bhai & DOR are similar in 1 sense & dissimilar in 1 but motto is values ..:)gr8 values.What I learn is simple "Iman ki chhalang."

One liner for movie will be " All's well that ends well"

Wish you all Happy dasara.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Good Morning Everyone,
Do you know whats "Ten-Nine-Eight" ?
Its a Child help line number free from bsnl.
This number is toll free activated in 72 cities to help distressed & helpless children.
What we need to do ????
All educated people needs to help these NGO people who are running this activity,just by Dialing 1098 & informing about child in this helpline is running in respective city ? How they are getting funds ?for all these questions simply do G000gle.
Generally all people are scared to call any help line to help others thinking they might get into un-wanted trouble.In this help line if you find any missing child ,abandoned child, runaway child ,abused child or child in financial crisis just call 1098 & inform them about child .You don't have to tell ur details.Help line people 'll efficiently traced him & solve his problem with smile on his face..:)
Please spread this message everywhere & help many children .
Trust me your small step will definately change that child world.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

So where does beauty lie? Is how you look really important?

Promotion of fair & lovely Or fair & handsome says Beauty is fairness.
All VLCC , Dr. batra says beauty lies in slim body .
does it really matter ? NO
I'll say..
Beauty is generosity of heart, judged by attitude towrds poor & rich,White & black ,Wise & dumb etc. , Feel good factor sensed by supirior & inferior ,Its not show off but show going inside , Beauty is in being healthy in your thought , As my friend says its "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ",Beauty comprises of Shadow(Mark of darkness) to protect from sun , Critisize to save from hazard , Burn to give light to others , Scars on face to show your bravery .
Last but not the least " Beauty is serene & feel by serene "

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This marathi surname has deep meaning
Do something essential
Do to make others happy
Do things with great enthusiasm & whole heartedly (never prestend)
Do things which has lots of difficulties still woth doing
Do things to follow your dreams
Do pray daily
Die in what you believe
Die in good hopes
Die to people remeber you
Die with valuable treasure along with you
Now all your did will Do what you desired to do(Your good work will pay off
& left values will get honoured)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


when some one says be professional what exactly does they mean.Does it means to be honest ,be punctual on meeting ,be proactive in your task, be aggresive ,be responsible,be smart enough to make your work visible ,make all efforts to impress (Pamper ego) of higher management ,be alert all time ,update your self with all informations(Company politics ,streghth,current events,future plans OR just target others weakness) ,be good listner ,Maintain decorum of office ,Don't use bad words ,Don't be emotional (:P)etc.

This is it , what we call "Professionalism"? .Arn't We missing essence of it ?
That is to understand a prime goal of our profession (global level & individual level) & behave according to it.
Goal can be to reach your organization on top not in terms of revenue but in terms of goodwill of people in service we provide .

Strange things haunts my mind....
People gets promotion, gets good hike and good performance bonus .These days these things matter a lot in professional Environment.We can say it is an token of "appreciation" in professional language(Though its just materialistic).But were are thoes encourgement filled words ,Pat on back , are they not expression of appreciation !!

I feel....
Apart from being" well done Tag" all the time in self work ,we have to be responsible towards others need.Need to Be on our toes to help within team & across team.
Respect everyone's view regardless of their staus(professional & personal) .

I hate....
People shouting in call (online meetings)provoke others to shout,Fingure pointing & using bad words .
these features surely doesn't come under set of "Professionilism" but Do come under superset of "Quality of being Professinally strong enough"
person not sticking to his/her words.
Snatching others credit for fraction praise.
Feeling of being ignored by male speaker during meeting because you are female.
e.g.You were main developer & functional sorce point & suddenly you moved out of that module to something else.Feeling of iresponsibility towards your completed task.

My new defination of professionalism to sustain in IT industry or any other is.
"Being professional is being unprofessional many times.""