Saturday, September 30, 2006


dandia/garba is always fun .I Enjoyed it in ghatkopar & now in hyderabad.Mumbai it was like dancing with all childhood buddies ,predecided steps to win garba competition & all colorful special dresses for 7 days.In hyderabad it is different.By god grace , i have always been in dance lover's company .I love to dance like freak,Careless ,no rule no regulation.Like In nagin dance gal is playing bin & guys are dancing like snake or you take gal is throwing note on guys for their dance.Funny right.fortunately all my friends comes in my category of dancing,i.e. Dance to go in ecstacy.
Yesterday (29th sept) is memorable in my life.We been to graba Rass utsav of navjari smmaj .According to our mumbai schedule we reached there at 10 but to our surprise there was no chahel pahel at all. "Nawabi Log Nawabi that" .People started coming around 11.Passes were for 400 bucks ,though i am dance maniac i was against paying it.It was too much for 4 hours .Time passed and after looking desent crowd (which is quite rare ) we bought tickets & sliped in.Band was from mumbai called challenger ,never heard their name but from mumbai was enough to sooth me.
First garba started & I started palying like pakka mumbai .Bhgwan da steps ,Kite fying action etc. My crew was following me.Our new member shiva was dancing with all vagour & masti.As usual mr. AMit was in his strange dancing mood all swirling & flexible moves and Aj , ashish & surbhi was in their attempt to excell.
Dandia started in 1 hour.Initailly we decided all routine, authentic steps .We follwed them for while but as soon as band started palying popular dance number(Dhinchak songs) , we threw our dandia & started dancing like crazy .Free flowing no restriction no care just & just Enjoyment.
Around 2.30 we moved out listening mataji song ,but it was not end immedite after that band palyed "kajarare " & we all started dancing on the way to go out.

Again we have decide to rock hyderabad on sunday,Wanna join ?

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Bhushan Samant said...

Nice to read your experince of Dandiya in Hyd....and good that you played Dandiya in Mumbai spirit :-)