Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday I watched DOR.
Its a fabulous movie.It has serious saddy saddy outline but also has weight .Substance with light Comedy is what I can describe story as .
Shreyas Talpade's humourous acting will definately make you laugh ,Ayesha's innocent dialogues will pears in your heart as proof of male chauvinism & domination , Gul panag's small town boldness will stike you at once , Nagesh Kukunoor's nagative shadded acting & direction in proper direction will amazed you , Girish karnad's role will shake you from your seat.
If you ask where is item number & song , then I 'll say
"There is one go you 'll love it ,Its not vulgar its cute
& Song "yeh honsla kaise juhke
yeh aarjoo kaise ruke
manzil mushkil toh kya
dhundla saahil toh kya tanha yeh dil toh "
is enough to hold story line . "

lage raho munna bhai & DOR are similar in 1 sense & dissimilar in 1 but motto is values ..:)gr8 values.What I learn is simple "Iman ki chhalang."

One liner for movie will be " All's well that ends well"

Wish you all Happy dasara.

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