Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who 'll break the ice.

Nice question but why this is bothering me..Parties or official meet or general gathering I m not that shy to speak to new people .I am very good at making friends .But again My EGO or kinda girlish attitude stops me from accosting some ppl .Just I don’t get that vibes of frankness or free mind .But apart from these few angels I can make damn any1 my friend…sweetness u C..
Sometimes people infer some abstract stuff from my behavior like I m arrogant egoistic blah blah blah..I really don't care about sach people ..People who really interacted with me knows well of me & if they think same way then Its high “Time to introspect “.
Its so happen that many times my conversations turns bold in 1st meeting itself.Few words of bomaby “Yaar” “Saali” many more which i start using
Without hesitation . People do get embarrassed ,so do I after looking at their faces.Who ‘ll tell them,Its not bad.. I never mean them ,they are just “Slang of Bombay”Or “Shaan of bombay”.Coming to main point, Theses shocking reactions has developed one kinda hitch in me .I just don’t know what they ‘ll like abt me & what not .. We all have fear of unknown, in my case it was never there .still Here I start thinking again Who will break the ice …??????

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

History behind love without wax.

Ancient times , when artist used to make marble statues with some foul they used to cover it with wax .If you see with normal eyes all statues seems perfect Only real artist cud see defect & statue without it was“sine-cera”.Word Sincerely is derived from These two Latin words sine -Without & cera -Wax. To Express sincerity people started using phrase “Yours without Wax” .This word is sign of purity genuineness & without defect. Some Romantic freak used this in a quite creditable way ..
By closing love letter Like
"Your Love without wax".

Amazing Things about hyd,

As Born & bought up in Mumbai ,I have seen fast really fast life.
.I have seen all small dhabas developed into big resto in really small span of time.Serving rate increased in thousand..
It was possible due to high ambition , bombay’s survival competition & hard working nature & not to forget “Never Let Go” Attitude .This is Visible from Fish market to big Manish market .
But here ,I dodn’t know what make them (Hyderabadis)so reluctant about customer .they don’t even brother to attend customer, Even they took pain to attend ,never expect little persuasion or marketing skill if Brand or typical thing u r looking for is not there …
U go Brand shops like addidas reabok same story everywhere ,,,I guess Born Nizam Blood stops them everywhere..May be This job is debasing their reputation....
Second Pilot driver beside all auto rickshaw driver..
God knows what they gain out of it..I never understood This Pilot job ,just that they give chatting company to their companion.
Third is “Hitech trouble”
Every where u go whatever u say try to reduce some price they says “Kya madam Kya bol rahi hain aap .App hitech main kaam karti ho na bhir bhi aisi baata karti”
Bullshit..Are we earning for them…
Fourth interesting..
U ask anybody about way to this that anywhere ..Ans would be”Sidha sidha straight rasta madam” So funny ..

These all things are spoiling image of hyd but still something abt this city makes me stick here..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Art I have started admiring

Music dance painting craft is not my cup of tea. Listen good music or dance in disco ,
,Make greeting cards for friends till here , Its ok but not more than that.
Remember Aai shouting or most appropriate pleading to do rangoli in front of door or do some Croatia work in summer vacation, which I never liked nor I did . Top of that I used to get domne my Drawing assignments from friends.
Now what I wanna talk abt is art (Art which i started adoring (Apply rashmi's test))
This Chinese lady's portray or top roof painting of lady ..Makes my eye stuck.I really don’t know what abt them is magnetizing me but ya I Njoy feminine paintings.
Sufi music is another feather added. Pakistani Rock Band ,Khandisa I just can’t stop myself from adoring them. Heard very few of Beatles & fall in love ..
I guess what I like is guitar acoustic…
yest dreamt of small party arnd camp fire all love compositions were being played on guitar..just guitar ..& I was in trans with my eyes closed .Heaven I must say….
I love dancing without restrictions, thats what I do & encourage to do…

When left is right

What u left behind is unreachable ..Is it true? Or still we have way back.
First studies, then career then Relationships & lots of other integral parts of our life ,in many situation we make our decisions & repent over it ..why can't we have straightforward solution to all our problems...We pretend to feel wherever we are now is best suitable place for us but then too back of our mind we want what we left behind . how was that? why we still long for it? Is There something missing ?
You talk abt love affairs ,It has got same problem ..ppl after coming out of first Love relationship either go in depression or be ready for on bound relationship which never works or hate sacred gift of life. .All says ur first love makes prominent impact on ur life & its hard to forget easily..
Studies ..Most professionals doesn’t want to be there in their fields, for this they blame their choice or parents will or financial condition. They left their dreams behind...Now where to start & where to proceed half heartedly?..
After switching firm I have seen ppl cribbing ..Wishing to join same firm again..Whats the solution for this ?...
why we need to take decision & if it is must then why can't all our decisions turns out well. OR why can't life has remote control to rewind & change few mistakes done knowingly unknowingly ...Why life has so much Mystery bundles in surprices,Which we can't predict correctly..
What to do when Left is Right..

Safar main suffer no ways

As everybody says Mumbai is gr8 ,glittering, energetic but mumbai's train not for us.So true but
When i look back i have all cherishing happening memories in my mind...
School was in local area so never had to travel in rush hours .Before traveling to any relatives place dad used to scan Railways time table for ghatkopar local trains so we could travel comfortably..
{My notion about fast & slow train was fast train travels faster than slow train. So foolish}
Train’s speed ,Mind calculation for catching best train to save 1-2 mins ,door standing exp, Ladies fight to get window seat ,relaxing buts & legs on 4th seat ,Monsoon greenery ..Colorful blossom along rail track ,cool breeze ,splashes of rain drops on face ...All these and many more attributes train journey.
Trains speed was always factor why mumbaikar choose it .I chosen it fotr its separate lady compartment .(god save gals from Bus mob).
Going to Ruia was mini trip .Catch same train ,same compartment was our gals motto .After each station gals grp was out of control. .continuous chew chaw.. more loud & more active ..just talking, talking & some times singing..bitching abt teacher was most favorite.. All new scandals we heard in college were primary discussion..
New bomaby word says it was our Newly constructed Bombay. Big big clean neat stations ,Lavish Pass way ,Nice pantry & no trains ...Positive thing to take out of it was this train delay bought me close to my friends.
Just to add life in our 2 hrs routine traveling we used do some crap in train .i remember giving beggar boy some money & asking him to sing loudly & continuous near my friend ears” Pardesi Pardesi tu Janna nahi tu jana nahi…” ..She got pissed off but cudn't do much abt it as that boy was pakka on his words ..he didn't stop singing still she got off.
I used see one fundoo & intimidating dream during initial days of traveling .Our Vashi train is complete transparent made up of Glass... high tech train to high tech park...Running like spped of light inside through vashi's creek ..With all crocodiles shark tortoise & octopuses are lingering arnd her...amazing but how come no swimmer 'll get happy abt it...for me its was just a night mare....
Train’s route over vashi creek was awesome & mind air whooshing inside compartment in full force taking away many ppls chuni ,deforming their dress pattern ,throwing hairs in air, as if blowing them off ,if not hold ..fisherman nets & boats. . Beautiful senset…Horizon sparkling in red rays ..feels like to rewind time & catch same train ,same time with same ppl.
This train has given me strength to face speed of life ,Njoy its diversity & last but not the least Njoy ur time & company..(Miss u all)
Thats why I say..Safar main suffer no ways…