Sunday, August 20, 2006

Art I have started admiring

Music dance painting craft is not my cup of tea. Listen good music or dance in disco ,
,Make greeting cards for friends till here , Its ok but not more than that.
Remember Aai shouting or most appropriate pleading to do rangoli in front of door or do some Croatia work in summer vacation, which I never liked nor I did . Top of that I used to get domne my Drawing assignments from friends.
Now what I wanna talk abt is art (Art which i started adoring (Apply rashmi's test))
This Chinese lady's portray or top roof painting of lady ..Makes my eye stuck.I really don’t know what abt them is magnetizing me but ya I Njoy feminine paintings.
Sufi music is another feather added. Pakistani Rock Band ,Khandisa I just can’t stop myself from adoring them. Heard very few of Beatles & fall in love ..
I guess what I like is guitar acoustic…
yest dreamt of small party arnd camp fire all love compositions were being played on guitar..just guitar ..& I was in trans with my eyes closed .Heaven I must say….
I love dancing without restrictions, thats what I do & encourage to do…

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