Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Amazing Things about hyd,

As Born & bought up in Mumbai ,I have seen fast really fast life.
.I have seen all small dhabas developed into big resto in really small span of time.Serving rate increased in thousand..
It was possible due to high ambition , bombay’s survival competition & hard working nature & not to forget “Never Let Go” Attitude .This is Visible from Fish market to big Manish market .
But here ,I dodn’t know what make them (Hyderabadis)so reluctant about customer .they don’t even brother to attend customer, Even they took pain to attend ,never expect little persuasion or marketing skill if Brand or typical thing u r looking for is not there …
U go Brand shops like addidas reabok same story everywhere ,,,I guess Born Nizam Blood stops them everywhere..May be This job is debasing their reputation....
Second Pilot driver beside all auto rickshaw driver..
God knows what they gain out of it..I never understood This Pilot job ,just that they give chatting company to their companion.
Third is “Hitech trouble”
Every where u go whatever u say try to reduce some price they says “Kya madam Kya bol rahi hain aap .App hitech main kaam karti ho na bhir bhi aisi baata karti”
Bullshit..Are we earning for them…
Fourth interesting..
U ask anybody about way to this that anywhere ..Ans would be”Sidha sidha straight rasta madam” So funny ..

These all things are spoiling image of hyd but still something abt this city makes me stick here..

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Gary said...

I completely agree ... troubles even I had living in Hyd .. ppl's attitude towards "Hi-Tech" ppl ...
People so lazy to sell their products and every1 being satisfied in their own monopolies ... the pilot (airforce pilots ;) ) drivers ...

lol ... the best part ... its not seedha rasta ... its "ek hi rasta.."
no matter where you ask ab the way the ans will be ... "ek hi raasta"..