Sunday, August 20, 2006

When left is right

What u left behind is unreachable ..Is it true? Or still we have way back.
First studies, then career then Relationships & lots of other integral parts of our life ,in many situation we make our decisions & repent over it ..why can't we have straightforward solution to all our problems...We pretend to feel wherever we are now is best suitable place for us but then too back of our mind we want what we left behind . how was that? why we still long for it? Is There something missing ?
You talk abt love affairs ,It has got same problem ..ppl after coming out of first Love relationship either go in depression or be ready for on bound relationship which never works or hate sacred gift of life. .All says ur first love makes prominent impact on ur life & its hard to forget easily..
Studies ..Most professionals doesn’t want to be there in their fields, for this they blame their choice or parents will or financial condition. They left their dreams behind...Now where to start & where to proceed half heartedly?..
After switching firm I have seen ppl cribbing ..Wishing to join same firm again..Whats the solution for this ?...
why we need to take decision & if it is must then why can't all our decisions turns out well. OR why can't life has remote control to rewind & change few mistakes done knowingly unknowingly ...Why life has so much Mystery bundles in surprices,Which we can't predict correctly..
What to do when Left is Right..

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Aditya Varun Chadha said...

What proof is there of causality? What proof that anything other than this very moment ever existed or ever will? The mind holds nostalgia for the past and anticipatory fear for the future. And these are the only indications of the existence of those times other than the present. but even the existence of these memories and anticipation is only in the present. What if there is no causality, that the present is the only "real" thing?

Then the dance of the mind becomes the dance of the universe, and everything is beautiful. When we dance, do we lament for the posture past? Why not? Because each step is ephemeral.

Nostalgia is a state of mind, just as excited anticipation is. they are phases in the dance of life, and of the universe. Why assume any endings? Why assume any beginnings? For have we ever experienced our own beginning? Or shall we ever experience our own end?

Lament, fear, guilt exist because of a belief in the freedom of will. But if freedom of will truly exists, then the self is necessarily beyond the physical realm, the self is then definitely more than the mind, which is just physiohemical changes in the brain. So if the self is beyond the physical, its being tainted by physical temporality must be an illusion.

Watching the self as if watching an elegent rendition Tai Chi fluidity shows how beautiful the lows of lifes are, for to spring up into a lively posture, one has first to bend.

When the bending is part of a fluid dance, the lows are the prelude to the highs, and the highs are the promise of repetition of the cycle, the circle of existence, the zero.