Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who 'll break the ice.

Nice question but why this is bothering me..Parties or official meet or general gathering I m not that shy to speak to new people .I am very good at making friends .But again My EGO or kinda girlish attitude stops me from accosting some ppl .Just I don’t get that vibes of frankness or free mind .But apart from these few angels I can make damn any1 my friend…sweetness u C..
Sometimes people infer some abstract stuff from my behavior like I m arrogant egoistic blah blah blah..I really don't care about sach people ..People who really interacted with me knows well of me & if they think same way then Its high “Time to introspect “.
Its so happen that many times my conversations turns bold in 1st meeting itself.Few words of bomaby “Yaar” “Saali” many more which i start using
Without hesitation . People do get embarrassed ,so do I after looking at their faces.Who ‘ll tell them,Its not bad.. I never mean them ,they are just “Slang of Bombay”Or “Shaan of bombay”.Coming to main point, Theses shocking reactions has developed one kinda hitch in me .I just don’t know what they ‘ll like abt me & what not .. We all have fear of unknown, in my case it was never there .still Here I start thinking again Who will break the ice …??????

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freakyTechie said...

Hi Rashmi, reached here from Orkut..and can smile reading this post of yours. You know what, people calling someone egoistic, snobbish, and etc. really don't deserve a careful thought unless they are either too many in number or they really do care for you (which usually happens rarely.)
As for one being so friendly bold(at usage of slangs,) only thing which needs to be taken care of is, is that person ready to walk that bold mile of friendship with you.
These are few unsolicited words of viewpoint.
- Vikas