Wednesday, August 23, 2006

History behind love without wax.

Ancient times , when artist used to make marble statues with some foul they used to cover it with wax .If you see with normal eyes all statues seems perfect Only real artist cud see defect & statue without it was“sine-cera”.Word Sincerely is derived from These two Latin words sine -Without & cera -Wax. To Express sincerity people started using phrase “Yours without Wax” .This word is sign of purity genuineness & without defect. Some Romantic freak used this in a quite creditable way ..
By closing love letter Like
"Your Love without wax".


Priyam Dutta said...

Now thats interesting... Kahan pe padha ye

SURJEET said...

You must have red this in Dan Brown's book. Am I right Rashmi?