Friday, November 24, 2006

Day in Day out

Days are passing like seconds and so much queued up to do.
First thing in this week I do was to attend international cartoon exhibition .It was on mobile misusage and mobile mishaps .Cartoons were really cool.One goes like this : Baby inside mothers womb trying to reach mother but all lines are busy .Little harsh but caricature had done well done job. Along with it they put one voting panel for telling best worst design .This means according to user what they find worst design done by supplier .One was auto where people don't know whether its occupied or not .We dropped our suggestions for best Not best UI we think.
Later in week i been to mithila painting exhibition held by aunt I know.As per my teammate it was little deviated from authentic mithila painting .It was a mixture of madhubani painting and her own innovation. Aunty follows same mediation as mine so I could correlate some of its feature .Some painting were on ganesh who is source of primordial energy .As per old epics our left side govern by sun and right by moon but on our head side they exchange their places ,anuty had done one painting on it.Aunty made great effort to show all basics of meditation through them. One in charged person over their told us there are two types of paintings one classical and one called distributed art. Wherein artist have to draw according some soothing qualities in mind .To put positive vibes in your house .There was one painting to give you satisfaction feeling and one to give focus and concentration.
Friday I been to French film festival organized by hyderabad movie club to promote some documentory .Movie was "Flaura " means love and it said Country no barrier language no barrier for love. Nicely synchronized events and portrayed fact like there is no one is perfect and Love is not about getting perfect match but all about meeting someone understands you well.
Todays play was on hamlet parody .It was more interactive drama with audiance.Great deal was I made up my mind to read hamlet.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Rock - Documentory : I still remember my first visit in Hyderabad, No trees, no Birds ,Rocks just rocks .That time I didn’t like Hyderabad much for rocks but after attending one-two meetings by this organization I understood great natural heritage gifted to hyderabad. It has given shinny edge appearance to horizon of hyderabad during sunset and Art in its most authentic form. Rock’s structures are their to admire and stare Long , feel them feel tranquility they possess ,Ornamented by strength and stability that have achieved global reorganization on plane .Support each other was theme found dominating in them . Support by whole side or just by single point (amazingly balanced).

Rock height in collaboration with “save Rock “ organization organized painting and photo exhibition accompanied by small documentary on rocks. Now let me elaborate their message through that small but far visional documentary of struggle to preserve heritage we posses and our carelessness may loose it all .It starts with all special structure formed of rocks by nature .Hyderabad as you all know was cursed by earthquake long back (whole centre part of India) and that’s how Indian deccan formed so basically hyderabd is a big victim of nature calamity ,survived and got these rocking blessings .
What is the significance of ROcks ?
Ya there is a lot according to aesthetic people .
To talk in terms of beauty ,The natural erosion process has shaped them in huge enormous sculpture with variety of emotions depicted seamlessly which no human can do.Many artist has inspired by these Solid existence eg. Two elongated little tilted rocks made one artist think and form painting called "Family system" .Nicely made painting with amazing articulations and hopes depicted.
All team involved in this movie been to different parts of india to capture diverse forms of rocks and to my surprised weather its small or huge all what they found in them is art eg. Rock with bushes on top and exact centered crack got visualized as “ Black ocean with green fountain”.
After seeing it and their description i could also find sense of beauty in rocks.
Will attach one rock near my office who has giant elephant shape ,proper ear trunk and eyes. I have proud feeling but at the same time shameful to see such a great art near but unrecognized .
While going to office I could see chain of rock which actually according to me chained up to protect TCS with their rough and tough shoulders. Cool example of fortification.
Documentary also talks about art admiring people who has kept rock part untouch inside their houses to have natural look.
Last but not least “they are not lifeless rocks but life giving rocks”.
They give shelter to many gypsies, shadow to commuter and by cutting them people do earn some money, Which is not fair .Lot many rocks has been chopped off for human profit, now time to save them and lets our children just not have memories and snaps of them to see and we with captured image in our brain cache. Lets next generation understand art and its importance .

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A for Ads , B for Bitter Ads

Now lets see Dabar chawanprash add where amitabh is asking kid's mother to undergo his lifestyle and understand stress he experiencing . After that conclusion was kid needs extra energy so obvious choice is Dabar chavanprash . Best part is end of add .where amitabh is asking her whether she wants to go under her husband’s lifestyle too ? Seriously why only kid and his father needs extra . What about his mother ? is she not worth having extra nutrition? House wife ya working woman all woman does 10 time more tasks than any other man and undergoes far more tension .She is pillar of house too monetarily or by managing house holds she is doing remarkable job still no attention to her health.
Add end should be like “All who does hard work needs it.” Top of that Dr degree achiever , charmer of all time amitabh whose each and every action been watched ,thoughts influencing thousands of janata ,he is ideal for everyone and he does this type of ads . ridiculous. This add is not that bitter to digest but still consciously or unconsciously it is boosting Indian mentality of male domination and chauvinism. System always ignore and take for granted effort woman takes in her life.
All celebrities should choose ads on moral ground .Prior to taking up assignment they should at least find its validity and impact on mass. whole public loves you. they follow you blindly that’s there love for you and trust in you. Deceptive ads are not beneficial for you nor for them So be responsible and show your respect towards their love .

Second add of shampoo where groom side demands for complete expenses of marriage from bride. Astonished by her silky hairs they think she is spending all her money on shampoo. Happily that gal says: “haan maine salary bacchake rakhi hain shadi ke liye “ so foolish. Is she gone insane ? One earning gal is going to join them after marriage in bonus they will have so much advantages still demanding for complete marriage expenses. Its like asking dowry indirectly. I hate this add for unworthy downgrading gal’s attitude and Society’s attitude to squeeze bride side with extravagance demands.

Third there are many in this category ,all fair and lovely brands . Ads like this rejecting gal on her color and happily accepting her again for her fairness .bullshit. More important all ads’s heroes are worst than gal they expecting to marry. That stupid gal happily goes under all torture becomes fair and marry same idiot .
I can see these days theme has changed a bit from marriage to different professions requirement. little progress I’ll say. Still why not this too happen on talent and her attitude rather than color . Why not black beauty serve air lines .Let her charm play magic and her hard work please customer .Fashion industry also have appreciated black beauty Malika arrora for her amazing talent and this add agency wala’s still showing demand of fair and glowing gals.
Thanx to fair and handsome add some shanti to my heart .
How ads should be if you ask me then my answer ‘ll be Ads should be logical like happy dent white and more customary . Last but not least fairness is not judging criteria still emphasizing on such a trivial attribute is wastage of time , energy and talent.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

False Impression

Really Really i had false impression about this book. Famous author like jeffrey archer and such a straight forward weak story line ,surely disappointing.
Whole stretch of my reading I could predict all detective moves and hidden secrets of story .I do agree there were some twist and turns in story , sprinkle of suspense and spice with untouched romance but Entire plot was so simple that no point in story I jumped out of my seat . Writer has made sure that he will keep reader engaged till end with some surprises but turned out straight forward actions according to me. Artistic description of paintings and monets ,Its
Importance in heritage was well portrayed.
What I like about story is highlighting efforts of contemporary bold ,smart and virtues lady fighting for injustice . Like digital fotress’s susan anna here will make a mark in reader’s mind through out story. Both shown one step ahead others and sensible action to take care of all clue along .I may sound feminist but I was impressed by anna's act of moving from unknown country to country without anyone’s help knowing her life is in risk , stalker after her life , None of these reduced her zest to gave justice to arrabella .Her beauty , strong build , presence of mind and photographic memory made her Character unforgettable.
Overall story is kindling Anna’s all bright aspects and potentials and many Art related details , which I got little .To talk about suspense there is nothing for people who have witnessed enough of detective stories.
Sure shot thing is ,Like digital fotress this story won’t bore you in second half .(Grin)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ashram main Ashray

All scared by what had happened to me last few weeks ,weaken from within, Mind chocked with Loads of questions, Brain twisted with how could it happened to me and all sad Emotions ,Physically handicapped to solve any of my problems.
I longed peace of mind. I packed my baggage and went to Belapur ashram.I really had no idea how this ashram runs and what I am going to do there. I was happy to know that I won’t meet familiar faces there and will be in cup of peace.

My daily schedule was fixed already .Morning 2 hours meditation followed by Tea break then ,some assignments to finish then lunch take nap and again Evening meditation followed by speech by Holi Nirmal devi , dinner and sure of sound sleep at end. My cell was switched off that served great deal to me as I could concentrate more on my questions rather than thinking about others. Shri mataji’s speeches were on different different aspects and qualitis of life . eg. Patriotism ,truth ,humbleness , honesty ,confidence ,satisfaction ,happiness ,unconditional and true love and most important was forgiveness. All my questions were answered in gracious mannered through them.

Site where ashram was situated was far from heavy traffic of city, crowd and in nature’s arm gave Vibrant Ambience to it .Ashram was well maintained with flower shrubs and green landscape every where .Sprinkle on vast green ground every evening was soothing .Meditation hall was not so huge but specious enough to hold 40 people .Aroma from scented sticks , light of diya and well decorated ganesh idle and shri matajis photo all ready to take you to transcendent state.
Daily I used to meditate whenever I get time but never had ecstasy and joy filled feeling .There I felt so light , relaxed , energetic and happy after meditation that i can't express.
I met different people belonging to different cultures , religions and professions. I Liked talking with them .
Not my ashray in ashram changed me completely but made me aware of myself.
More on this when I’ll find it.

Sona Takka

Flower I admire since I was child. My aunty had small plant in water bucket. All it’s roots were spurted out of bucket through cracks . Root’s white juicy color ,well spaced segments and fleshy appearance used to make me surprise .My job at her place was to water the plant and clean dust from root. Sounds silly right but truly I used to clean root everyday not knowing its harm. (My understanding was I am cleaning it (grin)). My morning used to fragranced with flowers fresh clear milky white Long elongated look and soothing fragrance enclosed in long green leaves like grass. More important is its strong aroma while drying out.

After operation sup brought them for me. How did she know about my liking , Mystery? I never liked bouquet concept but admired it when i was sick .How they makes u smile and conveys visitor’s good wishes for you .I will preserve its aroma in my heart and physically in my current book false impression to have lasting true impression of her love and care.
Forgiveness is an act of giving out fragrance when crushing flower.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ant and Sky

There was tiny frail ant. Cribbing about daily struggles. Her dream was to be on SKY. She had great fascination of sky to put in exact words was enthralled by concept of angels and heaven, as said all reside in sky. Even rainbow, clouds , lightning and thunder was part of her longing. She was scared by demons but myth or fact sky has major population of enlightened beings which she tends to meet and spend time with and was sure about there protection shield .Gripped by special effects, different shades of blue and varied colors ,vastness and deepness .

One day during her casual stride she looked up and what she could see was sky is falling on her with speed of light. Dumb folded ant had two thoughts occupying her mind first to run and second to confront catastrophic event . Its attributes were no more enchanting her. Off course she choose second one , considering massive structure of sky. Blue monster was in way to gulp her.

Strong and brave from outside but totally broken , frangible ant , chanting prayer continuously stick on her place . Sky collapsed on her .To her surprised sky was weightless , lighter than her .Something she could never think and imagine . Just like Earth round cotton placed above her so light no pain no harm.

As she started walking on it , series of her dreams came true .She met all she desired angels , god , goddess and mighty monster yelling at her but couldn't harm in divine presence .She could see different shades of colors , seems like illusion and they were , as she was moving little closer , it used to make equal move in opposite direction. She enjoyed being honors of guest there. Glad to see her fantasy came true.

Turning point was her soon craving for friends. Little baby now wanted her usual friends to accompanied her and enjoy ecstasy of grand treatment ,use rainbow as slide and magical ball to play. This comfort ness was of no use and she realized importance of her past life.

Finally she decided to start her quest to find mother land to dwell on and friends for lifetime. Resume climbing to find end of sky (misleading horizon) .She was prepared for all struggles . And god played his trick once again to help her out.
Crack in sky , broad enough to her to see land and hope to meet friends.

All was involved struggle but she was enjoying it and she lived happily ever after.
What is moral of the story ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Friendship ratio

Maths was real tuff but by grace of my dad I used to crack it always.He is master magician who taught me all rules and regualtions all do's and don'ts of maths .Now You must be thinking whats maths to do with friendship.whenever I think of friendship I finds it as ineteresting as , as challenging as maths. For a matter of fact all realtionships are like that ,But definately something is differnt about friendship that strengthens my beliefe to corelate it with maths.In all relationship we are either bound by Blood or by responsibility which inner way force us to follow all norms it.In Friendship we are free bird ,Free to choose our friend ,free to react like sun and shadow ,Free to be or not to be ,Free to understand or pretend to understand .Its a fair game.
Maths solutions has all surprising moves like friendship.
Different people different approaches to solve maths ,different level of understanding of problem ,but ultimately one solution.
friendship is complex .
friedship has all angles and dimensions.
friendship derives from trust and integrats souls.

Now let me talk about friendship ratio.when two people ties bond of friendship not necessary equal amount of trust undesrstanding is involved.Its based on many mutual factors. Ratio clearly says this mutual factors are different on both the sides.Loving caring nature of once always needs rightful guidance and bashing to balance .Carelessness of one , second by carefullness of other .In case of transperancy ,I believe in telling my friends upfront about my thoughts about them few can digest it and few can't .

Always remember 60 % from one side and 40 % from other makes 100 %.
Last but not least Stabbing on back is not in friedship and enemity rule only coward people with no guts do it.True people never does it never should do it.

memoirs of srisalem

Trip to srisalem , a place known for Many big water falls, adventurous trecks, serene free flowing streams , dense forest , wild animals (specially tigers) and not to forget fear factors like naxalites and thousands of beggars . Small place with so much diversity .Patal ganga water of ferocious Krishna river conquered by two ways one is routine 700 hundred steps up and down and another modern rope way. Ranges of mountains covered with deep valleys , water falls ,Wild beast and trees. One side all temples and peaks decorated with religious flags.

I generally avoid religious places specially crowded once. Evening we landed there , i was little scared by all boowas begging everywhere , kumkoom termeric spread all over road and all row shops overloaded with pooja archana stuffs .Surely something was different which changed my mood towards cheer may be continues Om chanting in background, may be my friends, may be Excitement to explore new place .

With the help of localits we draw map of all adventurous places and places we must visit .Ishta kameshwar for its remote existence and manokamana poorti admiration. Mallia tirtam for great water fall with speedy water and presence in dense forest.Patal ganga for Old traditional Tappa boat sailing .Local shiv's temple for moksh prapti wish and seeing trust of thousand devotees.

Other than site seeing gala time was with Saurabh priyam varsha and versatile deb datta. I came to know all hidden qualities of dedatta during this trip. He sings well , plays baddy, volleyball well (Our partnership in baddy just rocked) , manages highly sensitive matters well , top among all was his well deserving clapping thoughts .He was our sherpa too.Varshu as usual sweet, bubbly, laughing angel which adds life in all my picnic.Saurabh real stud always ready to fight (Just kidding Da) .His all High fundoo spontaneous Pj's and his debonair attitude made our trip really memorable .PdUtta showered us with all gyan and for a change i also gave him some gyan.He was most systematic and ethical man in our group.More sensitive towards peoples faith respect etc. and Me rashmi to add spice in all . Blind fold ,cards ,Baddy ,volleyball , antakshari, dumsheraj and Mafiya game made our trip interesting.

This trip blessed me with days to remember ,friends to admire, memories to cherish ,scary dids to flaunt and site scene to heavenise.
thanku all..:)

Saturday, September 30, 2006


dandia/garba is always fun .I Enjoyed it in ghatkopar & now in hyderabad.Mumbai it was like dancing with all childhood buddies ,predecided steps to win garba competition & all colorful special dresses for 7 days.In hyderabad it is different.By god grace , i have always been in dance lover's company .I love to dance like freak,Careless ,no rule no regulation.Like In nagin dance gal is playing bin & guys are dancing like snake or you take gal is throwing note on guys for their dance.Funny right.fortunately all my friends comes in my category of dancing,i.e. Dance to go in ecstacy.
Yesterday (29th sept) is memorable in my life.We been to graba Rass utsav of navjari smmaj .According to our mumbai schedule we reached there at 10 but to our surprise there was no chahel pahel at all. "Nawabi Log Nawabi that" .People started coming around 11.Passes were for 400 bucks ,though i am dance maniac i was against paying it.It was too much for 4 hours .Time passed and after looking desent crowd (which is quite rare ) we bought tickets & sliped in.Band was from mumbai called challenger ,never heard their name but from mumbai was enough to sooth me.
First garba started & I started palying like pakka mumbai .Bhgwan da steps ,Kite fying action etc. My crew was following me.Our new member shiva was dancing with all vagour & masti.As usual mr. AMit was in his strange dancing mood all swirling & flexible moves and Aj , ashish & surbhi was in their attempt to excell.
Dandia started in 1 hour.Initailly we decided all routine, authentic steps .We follwed them for while but as soon as band started palying popular dance number(Dhinchak songs) , we threw our dandia & started dancing like crazy .Free flowing no restriction no care just & just Enjoyment.
Around 2.30 we moved out listening mataji song ,but it was not end immedite after that band palyed "kajarare " & we all started dancing on the way to go out.

Again we have decide to rock hyderabad on sunday,Wanna join ?

Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday I watched DOR.
Its a fabulous movie.It has serious saddy saddy outline but also has weight .Substance with light Comedy is what I can describe story as .
Shreyas Talpade's humourous acting will definately make you laugh ,Ayesha's innocent dialogues will pears in your heart as proof of male chauvinism & domination , Gul panag's small town boldness will stike you at once , Nagesh Kukunoor's nagative shadded acting & direction in proper direction will amazed you , Girish karnad's role will shake you from your seat.
If you ask where is item number & song , then I 'll say
"There is one go you 'll love it ,Its not vulgar its cute
& Song "yeh honsla kaise juhke
yeh aarjoo kaise ruke
manzil mushkil toh kya
dhundla saahil toh kya tanha yeh dil toh "
is enough to hold story line . "

lage raho munna bhai & DOR are similar in 1 sense & dissimilar in 1 but motto is values ..:)gr8 values.What I learn is simple "Iman ki chhalang."

One liner for movie will be " All's well that ends well"

Wish you all Happy dasara.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Good Morning Everyone,
Do you know whats "Ten-Nine-Eight" ?
Its a Child help line number free from bsnl.
This number is toll free activated in 72 cities to help distressed & helpless children.
What we need to do ????
All educated people needs to help these NGO people who are running this activity,just by Dialing 1098 & informing about child in this helpline is running in respective city ? How they are getting funds ?for all these questions simply do G000gle.
Generally all people are scared to call any help line to help others thinking they might get into un-wanted trouble.In this help line if you find any missing child ,abandoned child, runaway child ,abused child or child in financial crisis just call 1098 & inform them about child .You don't have to tell ur details.Help line people 'll efficiently traced him & solve his problem with smile on his face..:)
Please spread this message everywhere & help many children .
Trust me your small step will definately change that child world.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

So where does beauty lie? Is how you look really important?

Promotion of fair & lovely Or fair & handsome says Beauty is fairness.
All VLCC , Dr. batra says beauty lies in slim body .
does it really matter ? NO
I'll say..
Beauty is generosity of heart, judged by attitude towrds poor & rich,White & black ,Wise & dumb etc. , Feel good factor sensed by supirior & inferior ,Its not show off but show going inside , Beauty is in being healthy in your thought , As my friend says its "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ",Beauty comprises of Shadow(Mark of darkness) to protect from sun , Critisize to save from hazard , Burn to give light to others , Scars on face to show your bravery .
Last but not the least " Beauty is serene & feel by serene "

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This marathi surname has deep meaning
Do something essential
Do to make others happy
Do things with great enthusiasm & whole heartedly (never prestend)
Do things which has lots of difficulties still woth doing
Do things to follow your dreams
Do pray daily
Die in what you believe
Die in good hopes
Die to people remeber you
Die with valuable treasure along with you
Now all your did will Do what you desired to do(Your good work will pay off
& left values will get honoured)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


when some one says be professional what exactly does they mean.Does it means to be honest ,be punctual on meeting ,be proactive in your task, be aggresive ,be responsible,be smart enough to make your work visible ,make all efforts to impress (Pamper ego) of higher management ,be alert all time ,update your self with all informations(Company politics ,streghth,current events,future plans OR just target others weakness) ,be good listner ,Maintain decorum of office ,Don't use bad words ,Don't be emotional (:P)etc.

This is it , what we call "Professionalism"? .Arn't We missing essence of it ?
That is to understand a prime goal of our profession (global level & individual level) & behave according to it.
Goal can be to reach your organization on top not in terms of revenue but in terms of goodwill of people in service we provide .

Strange things haunts my mind....
People gets promotion, gets good hike and good performance bonus .These days these things matter a lot in professional Environment.We can say it is an token of "appreciation" in professional language(Though its just materialistic).But were are thoes encourgement filled words ,Pat on back , are they not expression of appreciation !!

I feel....
Apart from being" well done Tag" all the time in self work ,we have to be responsible towards others need.Need to Be on our toes to help within team & across team.
Respect everyone's view regardless of their staus(professional & personal) .

I hate....
People shouting in call (online meetings)provoke others to shout,Fingure pointing & using bad words .
these features surely doesn't come under set of "Professionilism" but Do come under superset of "Quality of being Professinally strong enough"
person not sticking to his/her words.
Snatching others credit for fraction praise.
Feeling of being ignored by male speaker during meeting because you are female.
e.g.You were main developer & functional sorce point & suddenly you moved out of that module to something else.Feeling of iresponsibility towards your completed task.

My new defination of professionalism to sustain in IT industry or any other is.
"Being professional is being unprofessional many times.""

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who 'll break the ice.

Nice question but why this is bothering me..Parties or official meet or general gathering I m not that shy to speak to new people .I am very good at making friends .But again My EGO or kinda girlish attitude stops me from accosting some ppl .Just I don’t get that vibes of frankness or free mind .But apart from these few angels I can make damn any1 my friend…sweetness u C..
Sometimes people infer some abstract stuff from my behavior like I m arrogant egoistic blah blah blah..I really don't care about sach people ..People who really interacted with me knows well of me & if they think same way then Its high “Time to introspect “.
Its so happen that many times my conversations turns bold in 1st meeting itself.Few words of bomaby “Yaar” “Saali” many more which i start using
Without hesitation . People do get embarrassed ,so do I after looking at their faces.Who ‘ll tell them,Its not bad.. I never mean them ,they are just “Slang of Bombay”Or “Shaan of bombay”.Coming to main point, Theses shocking reactions has developed one kinda hitch in me .I just don’t know what they ‘ll like abt me & what not .. We all have fear of unknown, in my case it was never there .still Here I start thinking again Who will break the ice …??????

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

History behind love without wax.

Ancient times , when artist used to make marble statues with some foul they used to cover it with wax .If you see with normal eyes all statues seems perfect Only real artist cud see defect & statue without it was“sine-cera”.Word Sincerely is derived from These two Latin words sine -Without & cera -Wax. To Express sincerity people started using phrase “Yours without Wax” .This word is sign of purity genuineness & without defect. Some Romantic freak used this in a quite creditable way ..
By closing love letter Like
"Your Love without wax".

Amazing Things about hyd,

As Born & bought up in Mumbai ,I have seen fast really fast life.
.I have seen all small dhabas developed into big resto in really small span of time.Serving rate increased in thousand..
It was possible due to high ambition , bombay’s survival competition & hard working nature & not to forget “Never Let Go” Attitude .This is Visible from Fish market to big Manish market .
But here ,I dodn’t know what make them (Hyderabadis)so reluctant about customer .they don’t even brother to attend customer, Even they took pain to attend ,never expect little persuasion or marketing skill if Brand or typical thing u r looking for is not there …
U go Brand shops like addidas reabok same story everywhere ,,,I guess Born Nizam Blood stops them everywhere..May be This job is debasing their reputation....
Second Pilot driver beside all auto rickshaw driver..
God knows what they gain out of it..I never understood This Pilot job ,just that they give chatting company to their companion.
Third is “Hitech trouble”
Every where u go whatever u say try to reduce some price they says “Kya madam Kya bol rahi hain aap .App hitech main kaam karti ho na bhir bhi aisi baata karti”
Bullshit..Are we earning for them…
Fourth interesting..
U ask anybody about way to this that anywhere ..Ans would be”Sidha sidha straight rasta madam” So funny ..

These all things are spoiling image of hyd but still something abt this city makes me stick here..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Art I have started admiring

Music dance painting craft is not my cup of tea. Listen good music or dance in disco ,
,Make greeting cards for friends till here , Its ok but not more than that.
Remember Aai shouting or most appropriate pleading to do rangoli in front of door or do some Croatia work in summer vacation, which I never liked nor I did . Top of that I used to get domne my Drawing assignments from friends.
Now what I wanna talk abt is art (Art which i started adoring (Apply rashmi's test))
This Chinese lady's portray or top roof painting of lady ..Makes my eye stuck.I really don’t know what abt them is magnetizing me but ya I Njoy feminine paintings.
Sufi music is another feather added. Pakistani Rock Band ,Khandisa I just can’t stop myself from adoring them. Heard very few of Beatles & fall in love ..
I guess what I like is guitar acoustic…
yest dreamt of small party arnd camp fire all love compositions were being played on guitar..just guitar ..& I was in trans with my eyes closed .Heaven I must say….
I love dancing without restrictions, thats what I do & encourage to do…

When left is right

What u left behind is unreachable ..Is it true? Or still we have way back.
First studies, then career then Relationships & lots of other integral parts of our life ,in many situation we make our decisions & repent over it ..why can't we have straightforward solution to all our problems...We pretend to feel wherever we are now is best suitable place for us but then too back of our mind we want what we left behind . how was that? why we still long for it? Is There something missing ?
You talk abt love affairs ,It has got same problem ..ppl after coming out of first Love relationship either go in depression or be ready for on bound relationship which never works or hate sacred gift of life. .All says ur first love makes prominent impact on ur life & its hard to forget easily..
Studies ..Most professionals doesn’t want to be there in their fields, for this they blame their choice or parents will or financial condition. They left their dreams behind...Now where to start & where to proceed half heartedly?..
After switching firm I have seen ppl cribbing ..Wishing to join same firm again..Whats the solution for this ?...
why we need to take decision & if it is must then why can't all our decisions turns out well. OR why can't life has remote control to rewind & change few mistakes done knowingly unknowingly ...Why life has so much Mystery bundles in surprices,Which we can't predict correctly..
What to do when Left is Right..

Safar main suffer no ways

As everybody says Mumbai is gr8 ,glittering, energetic but mumbai's train not for us.So true but
When i look back i have all cherishing happening memories in my mind...
School was in local area so never had to travel in rush hours .Before traveling to any relatives place dad used to scan Railways time table for ghatkopar local trains so we could travel comfortably..
{My notion about fast & slow train was fast train travels faster than slow train. So foolish}
Train’s speed ,Mind calculation for catching best train to save 1-2 mins ,door standing exp, Ladies fight to get window seat ,relaxing buts & legs on 4th seat ,Monsoon greenery ..Colorful blossom along rail track ,cool breeze ,splashes of rain drops on face ...All these and many more attributes train journey.
Trains speed was always factor why mumbaikar choose it .I chosen it fotr its separate lady compartment .(god save gals from Bus mob).
Going to Ruia was mini trip .Catch same train ,same compartment was our gals motto .After each station gals grp was out of control. .continuous chew chaw.. more loud & more active ..just talking, talking & some times singing..bitching abt teacher was most favorite.. All new scandals we heard in college were primary discussion..
New bomaby word says it was our Newly constructed Bombay. Big big clean neat stations ,Lavish Pass way ,Nice pantry & no trains ...Positive thing to take out of it was this train delay bought me close to my friends.
Just to add life in our 2 hrs routine traveling we used do some crap in train .i remember giving beggar boy some money & asking him to sing loudly & continuous near my friend ears” Pardesi Pardesi tu Janna nahi tu jana nahi…” ..She got pissed off but cudn't do much abt it as that boy was pakka on his words ..he didn't stop singing still she got off.
I used see one fundoo & intimidating dream during initial days of traveling .Our Vashi train is complete transparent made up of Glass... high tech train to high tech park...Running like spped of light inside through vashi's creek ..With all crocodiles shark tortoise & octopuses are lingering arnd her...amazing but how come no swimmer 'll get happy abt it...for me its was just a night mare....
Train’s route over vashi creek was awesome & mind air whooshing inside compartment in full force taking away many ppls chuni ,deforming their dress pattern ,throwing hairs in air, as if blowing them off ,if not hold ..fisherman nets & boats. . Beautiful senset…Horizon sparkling in red rays ..feels like to rewind time & catch same train ,same time with same ppl.
This train has given me strength to face speed of life ,Njoy its diversity & last but not the least Njoy ur time & company..(Miss u all)
Thats why I say..Safar main suffer no ways…

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roman holiday & before sunset

Always been fascinated by love stories I celebrated July's first week as my "Romantic movie Blast week”. I collected arnd 5-6 all time fav movies from all accessible Pc's (sharable n/w funda in Oracle)..
Roman holiday was one of it ...It is a serene love story of princess & news repoter .Free flow of story ‘ll never bore u. Acting direction edition is way perfect. Story scenes 'll take u to era of 60's ..
U wanna chill pill in life Don't wanna push hard ur brain to think what 'll happen what shud happen & Njoy light comedy ..Then Roman holiday is movie for U.
What to talk abt "Before sunset" Mind blowing dailogues, Mind refreshing dialogues & Mind Enchanting dialogues..
Each conversation 'll bring new excitement & unfold untold truth.
Both these stories got simple story with Emotional ending thats why loved them..One suggestion don't dare to watch "KANK" on basis of best actor actress & director (if u like KJ) its depressing & Faltu..

Friday, July 07, 2006

My cartoon..

hey planning to come up with cartoon series "jolly-jeo"
Sweet character to make u laugh .smiling face, flexible foot & green crown...
He can dance sing run & even code.he is too flexible.. he loves item numbers...

he is caring loving & full of energy..
If u r in happy mood he looks happy
in romantic mood he looks hearty
in sad mood he cheers u up...

1st : Amit was sad that day so jolly-jeo started playing with his helmet to make him laugh..

& got fine of 200 Rs.


He was wearing helmet without bike....

..promise more Pjs soon..