Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Rock - Documentory : I still remember my first visit in Hyderabad, No trees, no Birds ,Rocks just rocks .That time I didn’t like Hyderabad much for rocks but after attending one-two meetings by this organization I understood great natural heritage gifted to hyderabad. It has given shinny edge appearance to horizon of hyderabad during sunset and Art in its most authentic form. Rock’s structures are their to admire and stare Long , feel them feel tranquility they possess ,Ornamented by strength and stability that have achieved global reorganization on plane .Support each other was theme found dominating in them . Support by whole side or just by single point (amazingly balanced).

Rock height in collaboration with “save Rock “ organization organized painting and photo exhibition accompanied by small documentary on rocks. Now let me elaborate their message through that small but far visional documentary of struggle to preserve heritage we posses and our carelessness may loose it all .It starts with all special structure formed of rocks by nature .Hyderabad as you all know was cursed by earthquake long back (whole centre part of India) and that’s how Indian deccan formed so basically hyderabd is a big victim of nature calamity ,survived and got these rocking blessings .
What is the significance of ROcks ?
Ya there is a lot according to aesthetic people .
To talk in terms of beauty ,The natural erosion process has shaped them in huge enormous sculpture with variety of emotions depicted seamlessly which no human can do.Many artist has inspired by these Solid existence eg. Two elongated little tilted rocks made one artist think and form painting called "Family system" .Nicely made painting with amazing articulations and hopes depicted.
All team involved in this movie been to different parts of india to capture diverse forms of rocks and to my surprised weather its small or huge all what they found in them is art eg. Rock with bushes on top and exact centered crack got visualized as “ Black ocean with green fountain”.
After seeing it and their description i could also find sense of beauty in rocks.
Will attach one rock near my office who has giant elephant shape ,proper ear trunk and eyes. I have proud feeling but at the same time shameful to see such a great art near but unrecognized .
While going to office I could see chain of rock which actually according to me chained up to protect TCS with their rough and tough shoulders. Cool example of fortification.
Documentary also talks about art admiring people who has kept rock part untouch inside their houses to have natural look.
Last but not least “they are not lifeless rocks but life giving rocks”.
They give shelter to many gypsies, shadow to commuter and by cutting them people do earn some money, Which is not fair .Lot many rocks has been chopped off for human profit, now time to save them and lets our children just not have memories and snaps of them to see and we with captured image in our brain cache. Lets next generation understand art and its importance .


Rohan said...

How about posting some snaps of the beauty of rocks? A picture is worth a thousand words. It will help to get the message across. thx!

rashmialways said...

@rohan:All snaps are on their way to blog .I m planning to keep these fascinating creation on one site .Just few more days.:)