Friday, November 24, 2006

Day in Day out

Days are passing like seconds and so much queued up to do.
First thing in this week I do was to attend international cartoon exhibition .It was on mobile misusage and mobile mishaps .Cartoons were really cool.One goes like this : Baby inside mothers womb trying to reach mother but all lines are busy .Little harsh but caricature had done well done job. Along with it they put one voting panel for telling best worst design .This means according to user what they find worst design done by supplier .One was auto where people don't know whether its occupied or not .We dropped our suggestions for best Not best UI we think.
Later in week i been to mithila painting exhibition held by aunt I know.As per my teammate it was little deviated from authentic mithila painting .It was a mixture of madhubani painting and her own innovation. Aunty follows same mediation as mine so I could correlate some of its feature .Some painting were on ganesh who is source of primordial energy .As per old epics our left side govern by sun and right by moon but on our head side they exchange their places ,anuty had done one painting on it.Aunty made great effort to show all basics of meditation through them. One in charged person over their told us there are two types of paintings one classical and one called distributed art. Wherein artist have to draw according some soothing qualities in mind .To put positive vibes in your house .There was one painting to give you satisfaction feeling and one to give focus and concentration.
Friday I been to French film festival organized by hyderabad movie club to promote some documentory .Movie was "Flaura " means love and it said Country no barrier language no barrier for love. Nicely synchronized events and portrayed fact like there is no one is perfect and Love is not about getting perfect match but all about meeting someone understands you well.
Todays play was on hamlet parody .It was more interactive drama with audiance.Great deal was I made up my mind to read hamlet.


Supriya Sane said...

Well those are fantastic things to in taking time out for such exhibitions is worth appreciation...
Rock On!!

Priyam Dutta said...

It is really intriguing how the most commonly used things in our lives are plagued with design flaws. I hate that when taking coffee from the machine, I have to crane my neck to make sure that I have kept the cup under the nozzle properly. Or, to give another example, how doors have handles but not an opening mechanisms to be operated by foot.
Coming to paintings, Madhubani/Mithila paintings are rural village art form from Bihar (my birth state :D ). Very simple patters depicting the day to day life of the village and made using natural and vegetable colors. Any painting done outside the village cannot be called authentic and I guess that what your team mate was referring to. But again art develops by the improvisation of the artist and as you cannot hold imagination within boundaries you can't restrict any art form with the ropes of the rules.
It was interesting reading your posts, keep up the good work.