Friday, November 03, 2006

Ashram main Ashray

All scared by what had happened to me last few weeks ,weaken from within, Mind chocked with Loads of questions, Brain twisted with how could it happened to me and all sad Emotions ,Physically handicapped to solve any of my problems.
I longed peace of mind. I packed my baggage and went to Belapur ashram.I really had no idea how this ashram runs and what I am going to do there. I was happy to know that I won’t meet familiar faces there and will be in cup of peace.

My daily schedule was fixed already .Morning 2 hours meditation followed by Tea break then ,some assignments to finish then lunch take nap and again Evening meditation followed by speech by Holi Nirmal devi , dinner and sure of sound sleep at end. My cell was switched off that served great deal to me as I could concentrate more on my questions rather than thinking about others. Shri mataji’s speeches were on different different aspects and qualitis of life . eg. Patriotism ,truth ,humbleness , honesty ,confidence ,satisfaction ,happiness ,unconditional and true love and most important was forgiveness. All my questions were answered in gracious mannered through them.

Site where ashram was situated was far from heavy traffic of city, crowd and in nature’s arm gave Vibrant Ambience to it .Ashram was well maintained with flower shrubs and green landscape every where .Sprinkle on vast green ground every evening was soothing .Meditation hall was not so huge but specious enough to hold 40 people .Aroma from scented sticks , light of diya and well decorated ganesh idle and shri matajis photo all ready to take you to transcendent state.
Daily I used to meditate whenever I get time but never had ecstasy and joy filled feeling .There I felt so light , relaxed , energetic and happy after meditation that i can't express.
I met different people belonging to different cultures , religions and professions. I Liked talking with them .
Not my ashray in ashram changed me completely but made me aware of myself.
More on this when I’ll find it.

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Supriya Sane said...

Forgive and Forget!
Thats life...never say Die and keep the burning desire to fight on ..u can make it wherever u want to...