Sunday, November 05, 2006

False Impression

Really Really i had false impression about this book. Famous author like jeffrey archer and such a straight forward weak story line ,surely disappointing.
Whole stretch of my reading I could predict all detective moves and hidden secrets of story .I do agree there were some twist and turns in story , sprinkle of suspense and spice with untouched romance but Entire plot was so simple that no point in story I jumped out of my seat . Writer has made sure that he will keep reader engaged till end with some surprises but turned out straight forward actions according to me. Artistic description of paintings and monets ,Its
Importance in heritage was well portrayed.
What I like about story is highlighting efforts of contemporary bold ,smart and virtues lady fighting for injustice . Like digital fotress’s susan anna here will make a mark in reader’s mind through out story. Both shown one step ahead others and sensible action to take care of all clue along .I may sound feminist but I was impressed by anna's act of moving from unknown country to country without anyone’s help knowing her life is in risk , stalker after her life , None of these reduced her zest to gave justice to arrabella .Her beauty , strong build , presence of mind and photographic memory made her Character unforgettable.
Overall story is kindling Anna’s all bright aspects and potentials and many Art related details , which I got little .To talk about suspense there is nothing for people who have witnessed enough of detective stories.
Sure shot thing is ,Like digital fotress this story won’t bore you in second half .(Grin)


Krish R said...

Have you read 'The Glass Palace' by Amitav Gosh? If you get a chance try it; you might like it.


Faultless Wanderer said...

While not a shadow of the stuff he used to write in his earlier days, False Impression is a comparatively better book by Jeffrey Archer.

After the trash he dished out for a long time (As the Crow flies, Prison Diary, etc.), False Impression is a pleasant surprise.

Devesh said...

I guess you should try O.Henry, his stories are almost unpredictable! you can also try "The picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar wilde!!