Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A for Ads , B for Bitter Ads

Now lets see Dabar chawanprash add where amitabh is asking kid's mother to undergo his lifestyle and understand stress he experiencing . After that conclusion was kid needs extra energy so obvious choice is Dabar chavanprash . Best part is end of add .where amitabh is asking her whether she wants to go under her husband’s lifestyle too ? Seriously why only kid and his father needs extra . What about his mother ? is she not worth having extra nutrition? House wife ya working woman all woman does 10 time more tasks than any other man and undergoes far more tension .She is pillar of house too monetarily or by managing house holds she is doing remarkable job still no attention to her health.
Add end should be like “All who does hard work needs it.” Top of that Dr degree achiever , charmer of all time amitabh whose each and every action been watched ,thoughts influencing thousands of janata ,he is ideal for everyone and he does this type of ads . ridiculous. This add is not that bitter to digest but still consciously or unconsciously it is boosting Indian mentality of male domination and chauvinism. System always ignore and take for granted effort woman takes in her life.
All celebrities should choose ads on moral ground .Prior to taking up assignment they should at least find its validity and impact on mass. whole public loves you. they follow you blindly that’s there love for you and trust in you. Deceptive ads are not beneficial for you nor for them So be responsible and show your respect towards their love .

Second add of shampoo where groom side demands for complete expenses of marriage from bride. Astonished by her silky hairs they think she is spending all her money on shampoo. Happily that gal says: “haan maine salary bacchake rakhi hain shadi ke liye “ so foolish. Is she gone insane ? One earning gal is going to join them after marriage in bonus they will have so much advantages still demanding for complete marriage expenses. Its like asking dowry indirectly. I hate this add for unworthy downgrading gal’s attitude and Society’s attitude to squeeze bride side with extravagance demands.

Third there are many in this category ,all fair and lovely brands . Ads like this rejecting gal on her color and happily accepting her again for her fairness .bullshit. More important all ads’s heroes are worst than gal they expecting to marry. That stupid gal happily goes under all torture becomes fair and marry same idiot .
I can see these days theme has changed a bit from marriage to different professions requirement. little progress I’ll say. Still why not this too happen on talent and her attitude rather than color . Why not black beauty serve air lines .Let her charm play magic and her hard work please customer .Fashion industry also have appreciated black beauty Malika arrora for her amazing talent and this add agency wala’s still showing demand of fair and glowing gals.
Thanx to fair and handsome add some shanti to my heart .
How ads should be if you ask me then my answer ‘ll be Ads should be logical like happy dent white and more customary . Last but not least fairness is not judging criteria still emphasizing on such a trivial attribute is wastage of time , energy and talent.


Rohan said...

Companies produce ads to make more money. Why has the Fair and Lovely ad managed to come in various incarnations all these years? It's hurt based marketing. It's damn successful. The consumer should protest (and some women's rights organizations did that).

As far as celebrities are concerned, we all know they are paid monkeys.

Rohan said...

I must say that when I saw the ad after reading your blog post, the ad appeared in a really poor taste to me. I agree completely about scrapping such ads.

I see the amount of work my Mom does everyday. I cant even do 1/10th of it in a day. Being a kid or a working fellow is simple, but being an all rounder is a really difficult proposition.

The ad is very unfair, to say the least.

rashmialways said...

@rohan :- Its ur style to convey response to blog 'll follow the samme.
Add making is an innovative ,entertaining ,challenging task in way it has to be short sharp and turn out shocking sometimes.But above all its social responsibilty of add makers to take care of public intrest and security.in general whole Mass media in all senses is responsible for creating future genera and change world for betterment and if they don't take it seriously 'll hamper us only.

Rohan said...

@Rashmi: Yes, you are right. But, unfortunately, I wonder if any ad makers take such a broad view of their profession. It's ok to be controversial, but there's a thin line between doing it and over doing it.

In case of this ad, the line has been crossed.