Friday, November 03, 2006

Sona Takka

Flower I admire since I was child. My aunty had small plant in water bucket. All it’s roots were spurted out of bucket through cracks . Root’s white juicy color ,well spaced segments and fleshy appearance used to make me surprise .My job at her place was to water the plant and clean dust from root. Sounds silly right but truly I used to clean root everyday not knowing its harm. (My understanding was I am cleaning it (grin)). My morning used to fragranced with flowers fresh clear milky white Long elongated look and soothing fragrance enclosed in long green leaves like grass. More important is its strong aroma while drying out.

After operation sup brought them for me. How did she know about my liking , Mystery? I never liked bouquet concept but admired it when i was sick .How they makes u smile and conveys visitor’s good wishes for you .I will preserve its aroma in my heart and physically in my current book false impression to have lasting true impression of her love and care.
Forgiveness is an act of giving out fragrance when crushing flower.

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