Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ant and Sky

There was tiny frail ant. Cribbing about daily struggles. Her dream was to be on SKY. She had great fascination of sky to put in exact words was enthralled by concept of angels and heaven, as said all reside in sky. Even rainbow, clouds , lightning and thunder was part of her longing. She was scared by demons but myth or fact sky has major population of enlightened beings which she tends to meet and spend time with and was sure about there protection shield .Gripped by special effects, different shades of blue and varied colors ,vastness and deepness .

One day during her casual stride she looked up and what she could see was sky is falling on her with speed of light. Dumb folded ant had two thoughts occupying her mind first to run and second to confront catastrophic event . Its attributes were no more enchanting her. Off course she choose second one , considering massive structure of sky. Blue monster was in way to gulp her.

Strong and brave from outside but totally broken , frangible ant , chanting prayer continuously stick on her place . Sky collapsed on her .To her surprised sky was weightless , lighter than her .Something she could never think and imagine . Just like Earth round cotton placed above her so light no pain no harm.

As she started walking on it , series of her dreams came true .She met all she desired angels , god , goddess and mighty monster yelling at her but couldn't harm in divine presence .She could see different shades of colors , seems like illusion and they were , as she was moving little closer , it used to make equal move in opposite direction. She enjoyed being honors of guest there. Glad to see her fantasy came true.

Turning point was her soon craving for friends. Little baby now wanted her usual friends to accompanied her and enjoy ecstasy of grand treatment ,use rainbow as slide and magical ball to play. This comfort ness was of no use and she realized importance of her past life.

Finally she decided to start her quest to find mother land to dwell on and friends for lifetime. Resume climbing to find end of sky (misleading horizon) .She was prepared for all struggles . And god played his trick once again to help her out.
Crack in sky , broad enough to her to see land and hope to meet friends.

All was involved struggle but she was enjoying it and she lived happily ever after.
What is moral of the story ?

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