Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Friendship ratio

Maths was real tuff but by grace of my dad I used to crack it always.He is master magician who taught me all rules and regualtions all do's and don'ts of maths .Now You must be thinking whats maths to do with friendship.whenever I think of friendship I finds it as ineteresting as , as challenging as maths. For a matter of fact all realtionships are like that ,But definately something is differnt about friendship that strengthens my beliefe to corelate it with maths.In all relationship we are either bound by Blood or by responsibility which inner way force us to follow all norms it.In Friendship we are free bird ,Free to choose our friend ,free to react like sun and shadow ,Free to be or not to be ,Free to understand or pretend to understand .Its a fair game.
Maths solutions has all surprising moves like friendship.
Different people different approaches to solve maths ,different level of understanding of problem ,but ultimately one solution.
friendship is complex .
friedship has all angles and dimensions.
friendship derives from trust and integrats souls.

Now let me talk about friendship ratio.when two people ties bond of friendship not necessary equal amount of trust undesrstanding is involved.Its based on many mutual factors. Ratio clearly says this mutual factors are different on both the sides.Loving caring nature of once always needs rightful guidance and bashing to balance .Carelessness of one , second by carefullness of other .In case of transperancy ,I believe in telling my friends upfront about my thoughts about them few can digest it and few can't .

Always remember 60 % from one side and 40 % from other makes 100 %.
Last but not least Stabbing on back is not in friedship and enemity rule only coward people with no guts do it.True people never does it never should do it.


Rohan said...

Hi Rashmi, as a regular reader of your blog, I would like to say that you write really well, but it would be nice if you run the text through a spell checker.

No hard feelings, I hope! :-)

Chöçôlât Söÿ Mirûkù Shakê said...

hey there scorpio!
like your writes.
got here from orkut :)
keep well and shine on the scorpio light ...

Supriya Sane said...

Interesting read!!
There is never mind u never equal give and take in friendship and mind u according to me much more sacred than loveship coz its boundless and no fake expectations thats the beauty of it!
Cheers to friendship!