Wednesday, January 03, 2007

X'mas eve

Heavy passenger traffic from hyderabad to Mumbai on Christmas eve delayed my trip to Mumbai .A day which gave me unbound joy and wished me real merry Christmas.
To involved my one day vaccation in good selfless act I joined few volunteers from Oracle who were planning to take children from Diya for X'mas shopping.It was Mrutunjay's Idea to let children from diya to select their own gifts.Reason was these kids always got gifts of other people’s choices ,now when Oracle charity fund has enough money to buy them Christmas gift then why not take them along and shop.
Children were excited and ready for Action.What I could say about these kids is These kids have unbearable pain within still they are well composed of appreciative patience, understanding and maturity .Shopping with them was real fun . Lots of comic actions involved.
There are many Incidences to quote children's qualities but one which really touched my heart is about imense understanding of 4 year old little gal.
One gal from orphanage picked up expensive dress during shopping which was crossing our allocated budget per kid so I suggested her [chuntly] that "skirt is little short and not so good why don't you go for long skirt that will suit you more " blah blah blah..She nodded and started going through other stuffs. But I could see from her face that her mind was trapped inside short skirt .She was shuffling other skirts but her mind was shuffled by black short one.Seeing her uneasiness , I involved myself in her shopping and showed her other varieties of skirts and talked lot about their smart look .Nothing was working ,she was smiling and putting them on her with disappointment on her face .All varieties got over ,nothing really left .Its not that Other stuffs were bad they were equally good and looking nice on her but little kid mind you see, she just couldn't take her mind out of it.Even I was sad and helpless.She didn't say anything but at the same time I could see her enthu was gone and just for sake of taking dress she was struggling.Damn it she is so small ,she didn't even cry neither force us to purchase same one, she didn't make scene in shop (Like other spoiled kids) , all that she did was sad face. she had some hitch in her mind to speak to us (May be lack of confidence we could build in her about liberty of shopping from our side) and it was up to us to put smile back on her face. I guess we did pretty well job and made her happy .That was something I could say WORTH shopping I have ever done.Shopping for her big big smile in exchange of short skirt .:))))))))

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Bhushan Samant said...

really touching story :-)..gr8 job.