Thursday, January 04, 2007

cast away II

Here are few basic understandings of mine behind big terms like Caste ,Marraige and Values(including customs ).
Caste /Values(including customs ): Designed by human beings for human beings .This means caste structure was introduced to help civilized people.Now what happened is later these group of people under same roof customized it further according to their convenience.That includes spiritual customs ,morals and desciplines etc.
Tell me when you meet individual or his family do you first go for their caste or how they are treating you . But offcourse their behaviour.
I will say born and bought up culture defines individuals attitude towards life , that too when you conceive something called truth and change your behaviour according to it then there is nothing better than this.Even people from same caste has conflicts .We are globalizing and our thoughts should do the same thing .Take best out of it.
Now question is who will decide what is best(Right) and what is not.Its you and only you .
Values like respecting parents do their degree varies according to caste .If you say diffetrent caste follows differnt customs during various auspicious events so does that reduces importance of that day .People are Following different god , goddes and guru to connect to supreme being does that changes our believes in supreme power.
Values are values , god is god only that there are different way to see , feel and follow it.At the end all meet at the same conjuction point .Respect for each people and their custom that what we required , no need of anyone to follow your stream of thought .Let them be what they are.See the basic not superfacial appearance of it.

Marraige : Marraige is between two families agreed but more than that its about connecting people in love bonding .As you mentioned at end if I get perfect match from other caste do I take a pain for him .Yes offcourse and I won't call it as pain for me that would be like standing on truth and changing wrong views of people in right direction.


Rohan said...

Good points Rashmi. (And before I start this comment tirade, let me assure you that I disagree, but don't disrespect your view).

"Tell me when you meet individual or his family do you first go for their caste or how they are treating you."
Let's say you found a really great guy, when you decide to commit to him, don't tell me that you will not even have a glance at his prospects, career etc. Just being a good guy or good gal at heart doesnt do the trick. This is no movie romance business. It's life, reality. In the same way, the caste difference highlights that there are more chances that there might be too many adjustments in store as time flows. This is enough indication for some to shy away.
And btw, since you seem to like globalization of thoughts, are you also appreciative of live-in relationships and gay marriages?

As mentioned in the comments on the last blog post, parents nowadays are more open, and conflicts do not arise even in case of inter caste relationships. It's a personal thing. Very subjective. Everybody is right, and everybody is wrong. To each, his own:

"There is no good, there is no bad,
These be the whims of the mortal will,
What works me well that I call good,
What harms and hurts, I hold as ill"

rashmialways said...

@Rohan :I never said I 'll go for just heart and looks , my point was caste should not be decission criteria.Its good that you agree to looks point(Liked it)
I disagree with the probability of problem flow in case of inter caste marraige ,I think its all upto us .Caste is never in picture.
To talk about Globalised view then I do support both leaving relationship and gay marraige .Its individual's desicion and I am no one to say right and wrong about their lives.Two people like each other and want to spend life together then where is the problem.
To give you a gyan then gay people are not mentally sick they are just attracted towards same sex and I guess they are not doing anything wrong.I also believe this type of Self satisfaction is much better than throughing out your frustration on innocent people(Rape).

Bhushan Samant said...

I think we were discussing "intercast marriage"... topic should not go to "Live-in" & "Homo-sexuality"..we should not be diverting the direction of subject..:-)

Kandarp said...

Now what happened is later these group of people under same roof customized it further according to their convenience

Well said ! So the moot question is whether one has the courage to question those traditional beliefs and go beyond them.

Kevin Rodrigues said...
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Kevin Rodrigues said...

hi mugga queen, nice post. anything to say regarding communties instead of castes.
and please put an rss feed on your blog. it will help your readers.

Aj said...

hmm...ahaan...a lot has been said .. a lot has been read and commented...

I kind of agree with your views rashmi...

After all, the center of it all is "oneself" and how "he/she wants to live life"

the rituals of society are made by these "oneself" things only...thinking those rituals are for their good...

but sometimes they turn out to be someone else's nemesis

So crux is..."Live life as you want" ..U got only one life..

Dream as if you live forever
Live as if you die today!


smeagol said...

The origin of caste system was not for human easiness. It was because of the natural genetics if you can say so. The kshatriyas by nature were strong and hence they became warriors. The brahmins were smart in reading and writing and hence they became scholors. The sutras and vaishyas were smart in other daily profession. The King (who always likes the power) used this basis to rule. If you notice world history, its always pointed that the ruler introduces division not for the welfare of his people but to control and rule them effectively.

The same caste system was misused for personal benefits once the kingdom type rule was replaced by pseudo democracy. So yes, there are problems in caste as a whole !!!

It indeed is easy to say that screw the caste system and marry the guy/girl. But unfortunately reality strikes you after sometime when you find your in-laws and relatives are into jobs which you might not feel proud to share with your friends in dinner parties or other social occasion. This is just one example.

There is nothing wrong in intracaste marriage, the parents are always worried about the social status and the so called "wealth factor".

Now now, i hope you aint talking about inter-religion marriage, cause that is a whole new world !!!

I wish India announces a system like china where there was no such thing called "religion".

Ajit Singh said...


Ur knowledge on origins of castes has also come from the same people who actually created these distinctions and further "convinient distictions" in the society.

The proof of only some KIND of people NOT being strong, intelligent etc. is that given the chance people from every category are able to fight for country and reach the top positions in every field irrespective of special concessions provided or not. As we see in today's world. Only thing required is opportunity and open mind.