Monday, April 30, 2007

Justification for inustice & something on dutt tales

JUSTICE is what we say our system is based on & it goes for toss when our legislative ,Police system put it on stake for few bucks. Old stories were like this. There was one honest police man who turned corrupt for his children as he didn't have enough money to bring them up.(I know it is not proper justification to be corrupt .Root cause is always selfishness ,discontentment , greed and lack of respect towards your duties). Googlee here is Our hero Police officer's sons and daughters are well educated working with well known companies still he asks for police station charges .Why government is not paying him enough or that payment is just not enough to pay newly came gadgets ,electrical appliances or current land rates. According to me all police affairs are free for normal janata Because government pay for them. Is that not happening here ? Crime here is taking poor accident prone chap to private hospital though he came from wrong side . Whole story is real fact happening in front of my eyes and I can't force people who are facing this injustice to fight back as they have their valuable time to be utilize and when we call supportive pillars of India themselves ask for support then where to go ?
So innocent educated chap has to pay for suicide making person’s medical & salary compensation that to off police records with some money under the table to our police service for not letting this case to be in court .There pseudo role is to dig out confidence out of poor people from judiciary system and blame government, Question is .Is it worth paying taxes in this country ? From where we expect minimum basic services for self protection . When we say we work with so and so IT firm does that mean we are vulnerable.(We roam around with written board on our chest exploit us we have tons of money). They know we are not familiar with local language then they became more active in that language and starts doing conspiracy. They need man with baseball bat in hand to hit them on every wrong occasion they got caught or Advanced videocon washing machine to wash stains from their soul.If you think by taking anyone to hospital for courtesy sake or humanity you are fool RED fool . Where exactly corruption lying in us. In us who doesn’t have time to fight for our right or in system who is meant to do so according to law of profit .They have dismantle whole system in fragments of corruption "ye tera hissa ye mera ' normal janata ka hissa kaha hain ?? My dad used to say all government offices run on logo "You help they help " Help from their side is their job responsibility(understandable) and from our side our job penalty .
But there are some exceptional cases also .When I lost my cell one gentle police officer helped me so system is still alive .
Now talk about salman & mr. sanjay dutt. What happening here is rescue of richer from pain of punishment. He got arrested for something he did wrong but he can't have imprisonment for this written punishable act in our constitutions because he is son of well known politician & famous actor .That’s what we say fair justice .What about A woman who helped terrorist to transport their weapons & gets what she deserves according to our constitution. People say as he is celebrity he is paying for it .I'll say as he is a celebrity he is paying & not getting any punishment for this. True he is innocent now he is not born criminal. He had drugs because he was under depression of his mother 's death, he took unlicensed gun because he wanted to protect his family. That’s what all youngsters would prefer in terrible times , will we provoke this? We need to set best example for it .All people related to gangster family are getting punishment of being attached with gangsters name but dutt name is exceptional.
Mr.salman what he did is killed extinct species for his hobbies ,whose drunk driving killed people sleeping on footpath .what’s the big deal ?
He will pay for that dead people to his family that’s what his family wants who doesn’t have money to fight in court pay for each trial .
Who earns money out of it ?
What is law ?
Where does law exist ?
Where is basic education of national treasure & discipline goes?
What you mean by sanctuary(animal preservation area or hunting area) ?
Its not all money its our justice system who delays so much that young kid gets his punishment when he is on death bed.
Don't allow any case to grow more than year be effective & make justice effective. But there are millions of cases going on which one to give priority?
Qusetions questions where is the answer?

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