Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest Creation

Tushar's dad wanted a wall clock in his room & so he attached small clock machine on Red Card board and made one(Temporary).
After seeing that following Idea pop in my mind.
Desciption : Sahaj Potrait shows about celebration Day by spreading peace in all human beings.
In the Centre there is Menifestation of Shri Mataji where she is blowing Trumphet to give realization to people.People are making three and half coil representing Kundalini and evolving in their spiritual path.They are Holding hands with Silver light in hand shows how poeple are kindling light in others.After self realization all people have connection with Almighty shown by Golden flame on top of their heads.Dhol at bottom and Ganesha dancing form give more auspeciousness to the day.

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