Saturday, December 29, 2007

Short trip to Warangal

Warangal the cultural hub of hyderabad.Unknown of its naxalites activity i choose to go there for antediluvian temples , fort ,wild life century , Lake & off course City's Aesthetically pleasing form of art(kayeril paintings) it possess .After visiting you will feel City's own style & way of endurance .

As it was blessed with all art loving kings & then had undergone major distortion by other emperors , now we could only relish fraction of their innovations.Pakhal Lake is one of the main irrigation resource of warangal with splendid view around .It is surrounded by rare trees in regular interval to impose controlling factor on its expansion .This manmade lake was excavated by king ganpati deva for farmers. Though lake is source of drinking water to many we didn't see much chaos near lake , afterwords heard that it has dominately occupied by crocodile who has killed more than thousand people till now.Still Lake's serene , untouched & placid look is cherishable.

Next attraction was engineering master piece ramappa temple whose making time was 40 years & breaking time was 1 hour(Pun intended).Its all aspects are unique in their own way.People say king first made small temple so that people can carry out their daily rituals & later he made main huge temple with more artistic touch. Temple architecture is designed to blessed thousand people at the same time. You would clearly see demarcations in handling masses & few elite people .

There are four pillars who supports secondary kalas which itself is a master piece of an art. Each pillar carries vedic stories. Krishana taking gopika's vastra & sitting on tree , samundra manthan & gajasur wadh etc. All has depicted so well that you feel it is happening in front of you now.All charecters are done with great emotions & liveliness.To protect this beauty those artist left one face of front pillar blank.To represent 1200 BC they chipp 2nd pillar with 12 holes .24 pillars adds 24 year more to it & decides its year of completion i.e. 1224 BC. Ceiling has carved Nataraja so that whoever will dance underneath will be blessed from him.

Main shrine is for lord shiva. There too on entrance they placed all beautiful female's statue to welcome devotees from right & on left all females with prasad. On left to purify people's ear with Devine melody they carved krishna with his basuri. Basuri Stone is hollow from inside & it plays sweet melodies with seven ragas . I couldn't figure out how they achieved such master piece without single opening from side.

As Ling is placed quite inside the temple they designed special architecture to get sunlight.Consider temple’s main room in centre surrounded by cylindrical convex pillars from both side making open window structure. Now exactly in front of these three sections they placed based stone in different elevations so that sunlight directly falls on shiv linga. Amazing is't it !!! Exactly in front of temple they carved nadi but this is not usual nandi you see in shiv temple. Nandi is looking towrads his right with 2 alert ears raising straight to listen his lord's command. Whole posture of nandi is such that in fraction of second he will be in service to his lord .

Temple's 24 pillars where made precious by situating black stone ladies in it. Everyone has their own singularity .Like one is hunter lady with attire suitable for hunting surrounded by trees ,one small monkey and one bird. Nag kanya covered with all snakes. Other beautiful ladies are with big earrings, high hills , saris , different hair style and contemporary jewelries . Surprisingly we saw one structure of Egyptian people on few walls.

These massive pillars are so heavy that day by day they are getting inside base & this is causing supporting base structure to pop up from ground. Other small small structures around temple are totally damaged by wars .Archeological department is taking special interest to preserve them by adding iron supports & bringing together their dismantled pieces. Added elements definitely give weird shape to whole structure but its better than loosing them forever. Really WAR ANGLE has proved bad for warangle.

Thousand pillar temple is based on same architecture like ramampa but is more towards spirituality sense than artistic sense.

After taking glimpse of Warangle in sunset our short encounter of kakatiya dynesty ended .

Link of pictures so you can't miss on anything.

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