Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patience !!!

I have been always challenged by this word in school, college, workplace and now it seems everywhere .At home aai used to say " Have patience while having tea, it may burn " but who will listen ,who has time , moreover who has patience .In Mumbai , life was like a running local train where each train miss will increase penalty for you in next train (In short boil on tongue was better).Boil was manageable but these days impatience has led me to different horizon & consequences of that are quite costly(Now I have to bear it in pounds :D).
As an upcoming interior decorator to my house I dreamt to decorate it with "All Hand made Things" .These hand made things are much unorganized, funny, without perfections but they give emotional touch to the place & to lives. So our journey of hand made stuff started from oil painting. OIL PAINTING , yes sounds crazy right ? Last eight years after leaving junior college I never touch paint brush and suddenly jumping on oil painting. The story behind is , You must have heard about Van Gogh , yes the brain behind broken chair .This Great painter painted his broken chair on canvas and got famous for his abstract idea to be precise not for his skills. So if he can do then why can’t I. ‘I’ who doesn't know anything about painting , who is going to draw something new then it has to be weird , unfamiliar & inartistic right.So after this major brain storm with my own constructed thoughts I decided to go ahead with oil painting.
In London , routine stuffs are easy to get but if you add any specification to it then you have gone. I Decided, will purchase all basic colors, do some mixing on them and make my own colors (first impatient thought ) .We Maharashtrians have some strange bonding with Lord Ganesh (Elephant God) so I choose Ganesha as a model for my handy creation. Wait now you will say where is the Contemporary touch here then let me tell you my dear friend Ganapati would be representation from drawing but he would be in form I Imagine, understood? Anyways, too much of explanation, Let me go ahead with patience No patience facet of the story.
As it was my first drawing and that to with Oil paints, I decided to read some online stuff. After reading 2-3 pages, as all smart chicks, I believed it would be a cake walk for me to finish it on same day. Colors were ready( In brain) ,brushes were ready to scratch on Canvas and Ganapati have already started eating modakas in my thoughts , now before he finishes them and run on his rat I wanted to start and finish and frame and hang my creation on wall. I started without letting my patience interfere between strokes of great Rash Gogh .I started throwing untrained, unpracticed but presumably impeccable great stroke and that’s all.
Ganapati ate and burp and went on walk after meal & I resume myself in clearing unwanted strokes on canvas.
Patience dear patience , would have saved me from being owner of this new colorful Art but not an Art. There are many instances where by patience along with me I would have really gain something & so this new strategy.
During all interviews if people ask me question on my strongest point then without hesitation I answer patience, hoping this commitment on start of new job will definitely take my impatient attitude somewhere. Hoping & still longing to be patient.
Signed by...
Dr. Rashmi. (ohh Lord ..When will I be patient :( )

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