Monday, January 25, 2010

Sahaj Experience

Spontaneous is the word for my whole experience in Sahaja yoga. People in deadly ,difficult financial screwed up life or majorly deprived life when gets to know by doing something everything will be Ok ,then they without giving second thought plunge in to that practice, That to in a such a manner that trouble which generally takes year to wipe out should get vanish in millisecond. Everyone hopes the same. Thinking on same line we joined Shri Nirmal Devi’s Sahaja Yoga .My brother was driving Engine & we all were wheels of that Car. But that time we were totally ignorant of spiritual aspects of Sahaja yoga what we wish that what we seek i.e. Solution to all our problems.
During Study period my Brother used to meditate & I used to just sit down with him. Wishing well things should happen to us. Yes results were positive but I was unsure of magical force behind it. Belief was there but I was not surrender. Daivi Lila (god’s play) is difficult to understand .As Shri Mataji says it needs subtle power than mental power to understand God.
Gradually everything went normal everyone from our family got settled, happy life started. In this period I don’t know which Binding forces stick us with Sahaja Yoga. Good thing about this was we could meditate without any material longings. Even if I used to do something against this naturally powered energy I used to feel bad about it. Slowly I started experiencing what Shri Mataji calls Param Chaitanya (Devine Vibrations).If question comes, if we have prosperous & happy life then why should we do it Then my gentle request would be for Your real Ascent try it at least once. Its worth it .
People say you are having all these issues due to your past life. I never believed in Past or future .But After experiencing Sahaja Yoga Meditation I know for Certainly We have Energy Centres & if they are operating well then all good things will happen to you (Good which god wants to happen to you so that you can grow as a human being).If any of these centres has problem then you will have Mental Projections in form of personal, Professional, Economical & Mental problems. Question was how to keep them healthy .Quotes, Saying & speeches of Shri Mataji has revealed all these Secrets. It’s very difficult for first time to follow it as our EGO always fights with it. Believe me follow it without doubt or ask Shri Mataji to free you from dicey situation, you have to be 100% there.
I don’t know what negativity is but I know something is there for sure. Shri Mataji talks about Salt Water treatment, Hawan , Puja etc. To clean your emery Centre . I being little Intellectual always thought all these as a part of Karmakand. But presence of Shri Mataji changed everything. It is really cleans you not physically but subtly, not for second but for long time. Even Salt water at night will change your life drastically. You won’t even know it but subtle energy is working on you.
Shri Mataji says Meditate everyday .First it would be very difficult but try, try still you achieve it. Try till you have an experience .Trust only your experience & everything will happen Sahaj (Spontaneous) in your life.
This is my experience rest is your choice.

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